Top 10 Questions DNP Students Ask

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions by DNP students. This is a recorded webinar - listen on-demand!

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Congratulations! You've been accepted to DNP school!

Now what?!

DNP students have a lot of questions because nursing education doesn't do a great job of preparing students for what to expect. And unfortunately, the lack of clarity in the beginning of the educational journey can cause frustration and overwhelm as students attempt to blindly progress throughout DNP school.

DNP students are often left scrambling at the last minute to figure out a scholarly capstone project that will be approved and successful...on top of juggling clinical hours, academic assignments, work obligations, and family life.

The reality is that the more prepared you can be for your doctoral journey, the more you will reduce stress later and potentially prevent delays in your progression toward graduation. 

We have spoken with DNP students across the country and compiled the Top 10 Questions DNP Students Ask. We've answered these questions for you in a manner that is quick to digest and practical to apply...right here in this on-demand course.

Curious about how to choose a topic for your DNP scholarly capstone project or whether clinical hours are needed for the DNP portion of graduate school? Ready to get a head start on preparing for what's ahead?

This course will answer your questions and more! Prepare for success and reduce overwhelm later.

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Dr. Collins is a dual-board certified nurse practitioner, nurse educator, author, and mentor for nurses and DNP students. She has worked clinically as an emergency department nurse, a hospitalist nurse practitioner, and a stroke coordinator. She enjoys leading quality improvement initiatives and systems-level change and believes that nurses can make a difference beyond the bedside. She is an adjunct professor and guest speaker for nursing events and has served on medical missions to Tanzania, Peru, Trinidad, and the Philippines. Her goal is to help nurses become competent, confident, and connected and to experience a meaningful and impactful nursing career. 

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