DNP Project Organizer

Less stress. More prepared for the DNP journey.

what is the dnp project organizer?

Whether you're just getting started in your DNP student journey or you are mid-way through your DNP program and want to make sure you're not missing anything, the DNP Project Organizer is the ultimate checklist. The DNP Project Organizer includes a detailed step-by-step checklist for each aspect of the pre-implementation, implementation, and post-implementation phases of your DNP project. It is a digital downloadable product that allows you to check off each step of your DNP project as you move from planning to implementation to analysis.

The DNP Project Organizer gives you insight into what is to come as you move through your DNP program. It was created by an experienced DNP graduate who has mentored dozens of DNP students to success. The DNP Project Organizer is the most asked for tool by DNP students and is the tool you need to move forward confidently in your DNP educational journey.

quick glimpse inside the dnp project organizer


Dr. Collins is a dual-board certified nurse practitioner, nurse educator, author, and mentor for nurses and DNP students. She has worked clinically as an emergency department nurse, a hospitalist nurse practitioner, and a stroke coordinator. She enjoys leading quality improvement initiatives and systems-level change and believes that nurses can make a difference beyond the bedside. She is an adjunct professor and guest speaker for nursing events and has served on medical missions to Tanzania, Peru, Trinidad, and the Philippines. Her goal is to help nurses become competent, confident, and connected and to experience a meaningful and impactful nursing career. 

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  • DNP Project Organizer
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    The ultimate checklist for DNP student project success.

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  • Access to a system for being prepared for DNP school.
  • The ultimate DNP project checklist to make sure you stay on track.
  • A breakdown of what to expect in each phase of your project.
  • A digital downloadable product that you can use to check off each step.
  • Confidence in knowing what you need to get done for your project.
  • Less stress because you are prepared and organized!