Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Business for [Nurse] Entrepreneurs

Business Setup [Logistics] & Tech Tools Guide

Course Summary

Starting a business as a nurse can be daunting because there are so many steps to take, and learning which step to take first can be tricky! This mini course was created with the new nurse entrepreneur in mind. Stop wasting hours hours searching Google for the answers on how to set up your business, and learn the 9 steps to setting up a business correctly from someone who has been there and done that. As a bonus, the course includes the downloadable ultimate tech tools guide to help you get started with the tools you need to run your business smoothly. So what are you waiting for? Grab this course and get started with setting up your business the right way today.

What's Included:
- Learn the correct steps for setting up a business legally
- Learn how to select a state for business formation (sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, etc)
- Get insight into financial and legal resources for business owners
- Immediate course access with quick, easy-to-digest video content
- Links to the tools you need for setting up your business with my personal review for each tool
- Save time researching and get the guide from someone who has already done the research! 

Course Curriculum


Dr. Collins is a dual-board certified nurse practitioner, nurse educator, author, and mentor for nurses and DNP students. She has worked clinically as an emergency department nurse, a hospitalist nurse practitioner, and a stroke coordinator. She enjoys leading quality improvement initiatives and systems-level change and believes that nurses can make a difference beyond the bedside. She is an adjunct professor and guest speaker for nursing events and has served on medical missions to Tanzania, Peru, Trinidad, and the Philippines. Her goal is to help nurses become competent, confident, and connected and to experience a meaningful and impactful nursing career. 

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  • Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Business for Nurses
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    9 Steps to Setting Up a Business Logistically + Bonus Tech Stack Guide

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  • Checklist for setting up your business correctly
  • Tips for where to find resources to set up your EIN, LLC, etc.
  • Steps for completing each task of business setup
  • Guidance from a mentor
  • Quick and easy-to-digest video material
  • My personal tech stack with links to each resource
  • Lifetime access to the content