The Art of Becoming a Professional: Personal Development

Is lack of personal development stunting your growth as a nurse?

You’ve passed another semester of nursing school…or you’re close to it anyway. And the thought of having a CAREER in nursing excites you.

Or maybe you’ve been a nurse for awhile, and you remember that excited feeling you once had as a new grad, but now you don’t feel like you’re making a difference professionally.

What can you DO to have a meaningful and impactful nursing career?

There is an art to becoming a fulfilled professional. It is a characteristic that is not developed overnight. It takes time, commitment, and GROWTH.

One key area that nurses sometimes overlook in their professional development is the importance of personal development. The two go hand-in-hand.

If you’re not growing as a PERSON, how can you expect yourself to grow as a PROFESSIONAL?

So what is personal development?

Personal development refers to the process of improving oneself (personal growth) through activities, experiences, and self-reflection. It is a continual process of exploring and achieving our fullest potential and can involve developing new habits, learning new skills, setting goals, and improving our mindset and attitudes. Personal development includes life-long learning and becoming a better version of ourselves daily. It often requires seeking input from others and investing in mentorship. By setting goals, seeking feedback, and investing in your PERSONAL growth, you can enhance your PROFESSIONAL growth and achieve your fullest potential.

Keys to personal growth & development:

  • Setting clear goals (SMART goals) and reviewing results regularly

  • Aligning your actions with your dreams and goals (they don’t happen automatically or overnight) - what are you doing today to get closer to reaching your goals?

  • Getting to know yourself; identifying your strengths & weaknesses

  • Continually learning how to improve (and implementing what you learn)

  • Practicing new skills (including non-clinical skills!)

  • Identifying a mentor who has been where you want to be

  • Prioritizing self-reflection —SO important!

  • Seeking feedback from others

  • Being willing to step away from what’s NOT working

  • Valuing personal growth enough to invest in it (books, mentorship, courses, etc.)

  • Surrounding yourself with people who encourage your growth potential!

How are you growing as a professional today? What is one step you can take toward personal growth this week?

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