Summertime Success for Nursing Students

Summertime is a great time to reset, refocus, and renew your energy toward your educational goals and aspirations. Success is a result of...

...preparation meeting opportunity. When we prepare for what's ahead, we set ourselves up for success. 

6 Tips to Prepare for Success As a Student in the Summertime {Or Anytime, Really!}

1. Dream a little. If it were up to you, what would your ideal school year look like? Chances are that it would not include last-minute scrambling because you can't find something you need for clinical or class. So manifest now what you want the future to be.

2. Write down your graduation date. Now work backwards. What do you need to do over the next few months and year to move closer to your goal of graduation?

3. Gain access to course materials. Email your professor for the syllabus and start planning out dates.

4. Gather your supplies. What will you need to purchase to be successful? I recommend a good stethoscope and a foldable clipboard - check out my Amazon nursing wish-list

5. Talk to a mentor. The summertime is a great time to connect or reconnect with someone who is a few steps ahead of where you are currently - someone who is where you WANT to be.

6. Enjoy the break. If you are lucky enough to not be in school right now, or maybe your summertime load is lighter than your typical semesters, enjoy it. Take time to do something fun - something for you.

How are you preparing for success as a student this summer?

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